Everything You Need to Know About Poly-Viscose Fabric

Clothes or the fabric one adores have always played a great role in portraying his personality to the world. The fabrics a person uses not only demonstrate his style and class to society but also convey his profession to the world in the office. It means you need to choose clothes based on occasion and therefore, should be very particular about professional clothes in some industries. Hence, the textile fabric manufacturers in India have designed different types of fabrics that would be a proper choice for professionals and even the common man on various occasions.  

What is Poly-Viscose Fabric?

According to the experts, poly-viscose is considered to be a blend of viscose and polyester. While it is possible to make PV shirting India using clothes of each, a combination of both the material is described as a semi-synthetic fibre which has multiple properties. This fabric used for PV suiting India provides a pleasant drape and is very easy to handle. Furthermore, it can be counted under machine washable fabric which can be tumble-dried. This robust cloth is ideal workwear for many professionals involved in industries of heavy commercial settings. Also, this fabric is known to have a very good lustre, has better wicking and is less breathable. These characteristics make it an ideal fabric for industries where there is heavy machinery and fieldwork involved.  

The Characteristics of Poly-Viscose Fabric:

  • It is a partially environment-friendly material with the addition of artificial fibre. As viscose is plant-based material and polymer is synthetic, it is not completely degradable
  • The fabric is considered to be more sustainable as compared to other materials 
  • It dries faster and is mildew-resistant
  • It is the most-produced versatile man-made fibre 
  • The apparel made using this material is smooth, soft and easy-to-wear 

Why Use PV Shirting?

The PV shirting India used as technical textiles in various industries is usually designed for functional or performance characteristics. Apart from giving an attractive appearance, the fabric has been designed for the non-clothing application of textiles which is better known as technical textiles. The distinctiveness offered by these textiles makes the poly-viscose fabric a preferred material for engineering and technological applications. According to available information from trustworthy sources, technical textiles are known to contribute 12 per cent of the Indian Textile market and are expected to grow in the upcoming years. Furthermore, the classification of this fibre is based on the functions which are given in the figure given below:

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