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  Polyester / Viscose Suiting
Piece dyed suiting :

We take pride for our exceptionally high quality of piece dyeing. We ensure that our fabrics are on par if not better than fiber dyed suiting in terms of color continuity, shade variation, etc. We specialize in doing VAT dyed suiting which gives better clarity and solidity to the fabric and ensures highest fastness properties. We have been able to carve a niche in this product by serving clients like Raymond since more than 20 years with the product.

Fiber dyed suiting :
Understanding the need of the day and the growing fashion consciousness across the globe, we have geared ourselves to supply a variety of designs and patterns from fiber dyed division. With exceptionally good mechanical finishing and pressing machines, we ensure the optimum quality and finish.

School Uniform fabrics :
We provide special finishes to our polyester/viscose suiting to make these useful and durable for school going children. With properties like oil/water/stain repellency and even stain release and anti bacterial properties, our fabrics are finding appreciation across India and abroad.

Stretch fabrics :
Our polyester / viscose / elastane blended fabrics have been greatly appreciated for the stretch and finish. We provide weft stretch in fiber dyed and piece dyed fabrics alike. With latest relaxing machines, we wonderfully play with the required shrinkage and stretch percentage.
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