Eco Friendly
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Bidhata has a proper system for ensuring that the company is environment friendly for controlling pollution and hence is an eco friendly process house in India.

The company has an effluent treatment plant. It has a section system - dosing section, flocculating section, filter section, etc. Filter section is equipped with carbon and sand, which ensures that the treated effluent confirms to Maharashtra Pollution Control Board norms.

Major quantity of effluents are treated and discharged in the industrial corporation drainage line. Moreover, the company is a member of 'Common Effluent Treatment Plant' association where all the discharge is re-treated again before disposing

For Air pollution Control
The company has installed proper dust collectors in its boilers to ensure that the air discharged is as per permissible norms. There is a proper sample collecting system, where the air quality is regularly monitored.

The other solid waste
The company ensures that any solid treated by the company is used for land filling etc. at the space allotted by the government authorities. The Company is a member of Mumbai Waste Management Ltd. Taloja for disposal of its waste.

Our employees - Our strength
We recognise that the management and the company is only as good as the staff and labour force behind it. We value our employees and in turn have received immense loyalty and support from them. We adhere to a very strict "no child labour" policy and ensure that we comply with all legal requirements related to labour payments.
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