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Care and Respect - We care for our employees. We value each one of them and their contribution too. Respect and dignity follows everyone working at Bidhata Group.

Uncompromising Integrity - we value integrity - we keep confidences and we adhere to our commitments and promises.

Flexibility with Responsibility - We offer our employees a flexibility to balance their work life and incept in them a sense of responsibility.

An urge to excel - in everything we do.

Empowerment - We are building a culture conducive to learning and facilitating growth on personal as well as professional front.

The performance based culture at Bidhata Group creates an environment to build a committed team that is empowered to take calculated risks and giant leaps in domestic and international markets.

We believe in recruiting people open to change, open to a way of working.
We believe in defining business missions and striving for it.
We believe in team spirit, continuous learning, and achieving together.

We are always on the lookout for bright dynamic individuals to join our team. If you think, you have skills
that can be of use to us, please mail us your resume.
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