Value Added Fabrics
  We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom-made uniform / work wear / corporate work fabrics and garments for almost every type of organization. We have made in-depth studies of the hazardous working conditions in various industries, evaluated the requirement of protective clothing in these industries and accordingly designed appropriate clothing to suit each end use.

Moisture Managed Fabric :
Our Moisture Managed fabric is extremely hydrophilic, ensuring good wicking and absorbency for as long as up to 50 washes or more.  This ensures that moisture/perspiration is transferred from the body surface to the fabric in seconds and released equally quickly to ensure freshness and comfort for Industrial workers, corporates, school going children, workers in foundries / boiler houses etc.

Soil / Stain Release Fabrics :
Stain Release Fabric retains its stain resistance and stain release properties uniformly over as long as at least 50 washes. This ensures that the same uniform can be worn repeatedly without compromising on the freshness and looks of the garments of school going children, guards, workers etc.  This claim is backed by certified test reports having rating 5 after 50 washes as per AATCC 130.

Repellent Fabrics :
Uniform, work wear and corporate wear made of such repellent fabrics ensure that an accidental spillage of water, oil, other liquids like tea, coffee etc., during normal daily routine do not dirty the fabric. Our fabrics are tested for oil & water repellency for up to 40 washes at least as per AATCC 118 and AATCC 22 respectively. The fabrics also passes absorbency test for Acids like H2SO4, HNO3, HCL for 40 washes.

Anti Bacterial Fabrics :
Our Anti-Bacterial fabrics prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. Uniforms made from anti-microbial fabric ensure freshness, hygiene, safety and improved performance and hence are being demanded by schools, medical institutions, food and hospitality sectors as a very important element of their uniforms. This fabric is tested and approved for various gram positive & negative bacteria for up to 50 washes as per AATCC 100 & ASTM E 2149, and have passed the human skin irritation test etc.

Flame Retardant Fabrics :
We provide chemically treated flame retardant polyester fabrics. These fabrics are specially treated to make them hydrophilic, hence, ensuring the coolness, absorbency and breathability of cotton/viscose and at the same time ensuring limited propagation of flame due to properties of polyester. Our flame retardant fabrics pass tests of char length, after glow, dripping, horizontal/vertical flame spread index, etc., for up to 50 washes as per the test methods required like NFPA 701 etc.
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