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  Soil / Stain Release Fabrics
  Stain Release fabrics offer superior stain resistant and stain release properties. The stain resistant fabrics are unique as any stain is repelled / resisted initially. However, in the eventuality of stain deposition, the stains on the fabric can be cleaned by normal home laundering, thereby retaining its fresh looks.

Soil release fabrics retain this property uniformly over for as long at least 50 washes because of soil release polymers. This ensures that the same uniform can be worn over and over again without compromising on the freshness and looks of the garment.  This claim is backed by certified test reports as per AATCC 130.


Uniforms of school children, guards, industrial workers, hospitality industries etc. are examples where soil release fabrics and stain release fabrics could be extremely useful.

Displayed here are running shades for the particular fabric. Different shades can be produced according to the buyer’s requirements.
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