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  Stain Repellent
  What is this?
Stain Repellent offer superior stain-resistant and dust-repellant properties. The fabric is unique, as any stains on it can be cleaned by washing with mild detergents, retaining its fresh look.

Why use this?
Stain Repellent are very useful in dusty environments.
• They are stain and dust repellent.
• The garments look neat and clean even after long usage.
• The garments have a longer life as the fabric has better anti stain properties and this requires less frequent washing.
• Stain release properties are very durable and lasts for many washes.
• This fabric can be made in polyester-viscose blends in suiting, which is ideal for Indian conditions.

Who can use this?
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The fabric can be used across the following industries and markets:
• Hospitality industry
• Automobile service stations
• Metal working industry
• Engineering industry
• School Uniforms

Therefore, we are manufacturer of School Fabrics Uniforms India.

We offer fabrics conforming to IS, ISO British Standards Uniforms, ASTM British Standards Uniforms / AATC British Standards Uniforms, NABCB Certified Uniforms and other international standards as per customer’s requirements.

The performance of these fabrics will depend upon the specifications ordered / desired by individual customers.

Displayed here are running shades for the particular fabric. Different shades can be produced according to the buyer’s requirements.
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