>> Uniforms

Bidhata, also the school uniform manufacturers in India provide blended fabrics that are styled and designed to suit requirements of a wide range of uniforms right from corporate uniforms, school uniforms to industrial uniforms. Made from specially treated blended fabrics, the school fabrics uniform manufacturer India designs uniforms that are made to suit different work environments.

We recognise the need of the environment of the customer and accordingly offer uniforms with different value additions like repellent, soil release, anti bacterial, moisture absorbent properties.

>> Coveralls
Worker safety and comfort is of paramount importance in any industry. Hence, our coveralls are specifically designed to suit the needs of workers of different industries and working condition.

>> Medical Coats
Medical coats must be comfortable, safe, hygienic, durable and presentable. We offer anti-bacterial and other finishes to our fabrics and this is where our medical coats for doctors and nurses have an edge over the others.

>> Chef Coats
Reigning as chef coats manufacturer India, Bidhata offers elegantly styled Chef Coats that are designed as per latest trends and adhering to the consciousness of the hospitality sector. Our Chef Coats ensure cleanliness, hygiene, freshness and presentability of the wearer of the garments.


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