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  With the diversity of fabrics used for different industrial applications, Bidhata is the country’s leading water repellant fabric manufacturer in India, oil repellant fabric manufacturer India and also supplier of water repellent fabrics.

Different workplaces are subject to different harsh environments that could lead to dirtying of the garments of the professionals/ workers wearing them. Our water repellent fabrics ensure that liquids /stains/ dirt do not penetrate through the fabric and hence ensure that the garment is clean and wearable.

Various industrial work cultures require their workers like chefs, doctors and other medical staff, dairy workers to be in direct contact with staining substances like oils and food articles, acids, blood, milk, etc. Our specially made polyester / viscose or polyester / cotton fabrics ensure that such material are not deposited on the fabric and are easily brushed/ wiped away.

Even industrial workers who are often in contact with stringent oils, lubricants etc., can use coveralls / uniforms made of oil repellent fabrics to ensure cleanliness and freshness.

Uniform and corporate wear made of such water repellent fabrics ensure that an accidental spillage of water, oil, other liquids like tea, coffee etc., during normal daily routine do not dirty the fabric.

Our fabrics are tested for oil and water repellency for up to 40 washes at least as per AATCC 118 and AATCC 22 respectively. The fabrics also passes absorbency test for acids like H2SO4, HNO3, HCL for 40 washes.

Displayed here are running shades for the particular fabric. Different shades can be produced according to the buyer’s

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