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  What is this?
Oil stains are the toughest to get rid of. We being the Water Repellent fabrics and Oil Repellent Fabric Manufacturer & supplier in India have our oil and Water Repellent fabric, which are a perfect solution to this problem. Oil and water cannot wet this fabric and hence the soiling due to these does not occur. Since the fabric repels liquids, the garments made from such fabric do not get dirty easily.

Why use this?
Oil and water repellant fabric is very useful in environments where oil spills and grease are involved. A few highlights of this fabric are:
• As the surface repels liquids, the garment looks fresh for a long time.
• The garment’s life is enhanced due to less washing.
• Even though the fabric is made for heavy-duty use, the garments made from it are comfortable to wear.
• Our fabrics are provided with durable oil and water repellent finishes.

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Who can use this?
The fabric can be used across the following industries and markets :
• Oil and gas industry
• Automobile repair stations
• Spas
• Medical Sector
• Cleaning and maintenance staff in Aviation sector
• Maintenance staff in Engineering industry
• Housekeeping staff in hospitality industry
• Restaurants and kitchens
• Automobile manufacturing industry
• Lab staff in hospitals

We are manufacturer of Housekeeping staff uniform, Medical sector uniform and Chef Coats in India. We offer fabrics conforming to IS, ISO British Standards Uniforms, ASTM British Standards Uniforms / AATC British Standards Uniforms, NABCB Certified Uniforms and other international standards as per customer’s requirements.

The performance of these fabrics will depend upon the specifications ordered / desired by individual customers.
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