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  What is this?
Our Aroma Fabrics can be equated to Aroma Therapy, which has been established as one of the best alternative medicinal treatments over the years. In aroma therapy, the scents stimulate the brain cells and this result in emotional relaxation. Aroma therapy has also been known to cure respiratory disorders by using aroma therapy oils on handkerchiefs or pillows to clear the negativities. Different aromas have been used to heal different problems, be it emotional, mental, or physical. Aroma works on the principle of touch and smell, which stimulates the whole being of the person and adds comforting touch. Similarly, we feel that our fabrics can be used in a manner similar to aroma therapy as a complementary and alternative medicine source for healing and de-stressing practice to soothe the mind. The fabrics are available in various types of aroma and generally give the same levels of satisfaction as a good therapy. Our fabrics give out a pleasant and desired fragrance on friction with day-to-day usage.

Why use this?
Aroma fabrics have several uses in fields of medicine and alternate healing.
A few highlights of the fabric are:
• Our aroma fabrics can be used to control ailments like cold.
• Our aroma fabrics are used in hospitals and spas to provide a soothing effect.
• The fabric does not lose its aroma even after several washes.

Who can use this?
The fabric can be used across the following industries and markets:
• Personal effects
• Hospitality and aviation industries
• Spas
• Hospitals

We offer fabrics conforming to IS, ISO British Standards Uniforms, ASTM British Standards Uniforms / AATC British Standards Uniforms, NABCB Certified Uniforms and other international standards as per customer’s requirements.

The performance of these fabrics will depend upon the specifications ordered / desired by individual customers.
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