The Many Benefits of Using Viscose Rayon Fabric

Natural, comfortable, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable are some of the words that fashion designers use to describe the extremely versatile viscose rayon fabric. Fabric manufacturers say that viscose is extremely soft and gentle on the skin and outfits made out of this fabric usually last for good amount of years

Viscose is a type of rayon. Originally known as artificial silk, in the late 19th century, the term “rayon” came into effect in the year 1924. The word rayon was derived from the way the fabric is manufactured.

The properties of breathability, absorbency and comfort make viscose rayon fabric stand out from other fabrics available in the market.

Fabric comes in different composition (shape, size and construction) It can either be synthetic, natural or manufactured.

Is Viscose Rayon a Sustainable Fabric?

Yes, viscose is a sustainable fabric and the reason behind it is that the manufacturing plants at textile process houses use renewable and eco-friendly plants in its making and manufacturing process.  

A look at the advantages of using viscose rayon fabrics in designing your clothes:

  • Pocket-friendly: A solid quality fabric that isn’t too expensive and you can easily get a number of suit viscose suiting in India stitched for your everyday corporate wear.
  • Luxurious Feel: Viscose fabrics have a luxurious feel to it, you can definitely say a luxury available at economical price. Outfits, work wear made by work wear manufacturers in India from viscose rayon fabric ooze sophistication and class.
  • Viscose Rayon Fabric is Breathable: Viscose fabric gives you that space to breathe and doesn’t make you feel too suffocated, quite similar to cotton fabric.
  • Silk like Feel: Viscose fabric gives you that classy silk like feel and makes you look like presentable during client and boardroom meetings.
  • Viscose Rayon Blends easily with other fibres in the fabric: An easy to use fabric for designers, viscose fabric blends easily with other fibres to give you good quality suits, outfits etc.
  • An Easy to dye Fabric: A fabric that can be dyed easily to produce beautiful and vivid colours. English colour outfits look best when made with viscose fabric.