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  What is this?
Moisture Managed Fabric, demonstrate an outstanding Moisture Management performance along with very good moisture management properties.

Why use this?
• The moisture and sweat absorbing, and quick dissipating    properties of the fabric ensure that the fabric user feels    comfortable wearing garments made from it.
•  The Moisture Managed Fabric is ideal for usage in volatile     and hazardous environments as it provides optimum static control against  incendiary spark, protecting from electronic     equipment damage and fire.
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• The Indian atmosphere is generally very humid. In these conditions, our Moisture Managed Fabric with their moisture absorbent properties will ensure that the person wearing garments made of such fabrics is   very comfortable and feels very near to nature.
• The fabric is durable as its properties last for many washes.
• The fabric is perfectly suited for high-quality suiting and shirting fabrics in polyester viscose and poly-cotton blends, which are ideal for Indian conditions.
• We provide the customers with a wide range of colors and weaves to address various needs.

Who can use this?
The fabric can be used across the following industries and markets :
• Pharmaceutical industry           • Tyre manufacturers
• Electronics industry                   • Airlines and Airports
• Paint manufacturers                  • Engineering industry
• Shops                                           • Petroleum refineries
• Chemical plants                         • Fuel stations

Bidhata is manufacturer of Moisture Absorbent fabrics and Management Fabrics in India. Moreover, we also manufacture Airlines Uniforms.

The fabrics are best suitable to be used under humid conditions near furnaces, boilers, etc. We offer fabrics conforming to IS, ISO British Standards Uniforms, ASTM British Standards Uniforms / AATC British Standards Uniforms, NABCB Certified Uniforms and other international standards as per customer’s requirements.

The performance of these fabrics will depend upon the specifications ordered / desired by individual customers.
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