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  Textiles are one of the main bacteria carrying medium. Textiles fibres provide the perfect platform for growth of micro-organisms. Even the different environments (hot, humid, and cold) lead to growth of different bacteria. These bacteria/ microbes on textiles often result in staining, discoloring of the fabric and leads to bad odour.

Our anti-bacterial fabrics prevent the growth and spreading of such bacteria. Bidhata, the anti bacterial fabrics manufacturer India definitely ensures that doctors and patients alike are saved from the so called “hospital generated diseases” which occur because of harmful bacteria present in the environment and fabrics in hospitals.

The anti bacterial fabric also finds special importance in the hospitality sector where freshness, cleanliness and, personal hygiene are of paramount importance. Bacteria caused and spread because of foods in restaurants and hotels lead to staining and foul odour from the garments. In such a scenario, our fabrics generate great interest and demand among chefs.

Similar is the case in the dairy industry where regular contact of the garment with milk leads to growth of bacterial activity which can be avoided using our “Bactire” fabric.

Perspiration causes the growth of bacteria and leads to discomfort and smell. Hence, uniforms made from anti-microbial fabric by uniform suppliers in India ensures freshness and improved performance by school children, industrial and corporate workers alike.

This fabric is tested and approved for various gram positive & negative bacteria for up to 50 washes as per AATCC 100 & ASTM E 2149. The antibacterial fabric has also successfully passed the human skin irritation test etc.

Displayed here are running shades for the particular fabric. Different shades can be produced according to the buyer’s requirements.
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